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Welcome to Himalayan Country of Nepal, land of Highest peak in the world Mt Everest and the Birth place of Gautam Buddha. Nepal is a beautiful country mostly popular for its magnificent geographical structure, traditional values, diverse traditional religion and the culture of honoring guests as the incarnation of god. The heart touching hospitality, panoramic view of mountains, unique geographical locations offers breath taking sight seen and many others is what Nepal offers among the visitors worldwide. The Himalayan range encompasses a very large number of glaciers, deepest gorges and highest lakes and an amazing diversity of People. The flora and fauna of the Himalayas varies with climate, rainfall, altitude and soils. Nepal, over the centuries has attracted trekkers, mountaineers, pilgrims, researchers and ascetics. Nepal offers a rich geography with eight of the World’s ten tallest mountains including World’s Highest Peak Mt Everest or Sargarmatha in Nepali.  Eighty one percent of Nepalese population follows Hinduism making it the country of highest percentage of Hindu followers. Nepal is a small country with its border shared with two economic and giant countries Republic of China and India but still Nepal successfully maintained its unique identity among the visitors worldwide.

                            Nepal offers various tourism activities for the tourist who comes to visit Nepal. Many tourists across the glove come to Nepal in order to gain a life time experience. Being a Himalayan Country and its uniqueness Nepal Visit is a life time adventure for all the adventure seekers. Nepal Trekking, Nepal Peak climbing including Mt. Everest Base camp trekking or visit, thrilling river rafting, sight seen, jungle safari and many more are the tourist’s attraction of Nepal.

                           Ramdung Expeditions P. Ltd is a Nepal based trekking and Tours Company or agency operating in Nepal and among the leading and the most experienced tours and Treks Company in Nepal. As a professional, the first priority of the company is the safety and full satisfaction of the clients with the top quality service. The company provides experts arrangements for all types of adventurous as well as Luxurious travel throughout Himalayas and its surrounding areas: from treks of one day to 30 days to full scale mountaineering expedition and a short duration trekking peak climbing. Apart from this Ramdung Expedition is also involved in organizing Expedition, Peak Climbing, Documentary filming, Mountain Biking, River Rafting, Kayaking, Jungle Safari, bird watching and also eco-study tours and cultural tours therefore accordingly each trek is custom-designed with extra ordinary features: an off-the-beaten-track extension, an overnight stay or a meal in a village home, a visit to conservation project site, participation in a local festival or a personal blessings from a high lama. The Itineraries and the program are modified to suit the client’s time schedule, ability, interest and even a last minute change in the weather. Since long time this company has been in the tourism field and is therefore full aware of the Eco-tourism and Eco-friendly practices. All the staffs have a concern over the environmental impacts of mountain tourism and having certified participants (and are a financial supporters) of conservation oriented field training. Practice what you preach is the motto of every staff of Ramdung Expedition as you will see that only kerosene is burned in the trek, whether required by the law or not and the meals are designed to favor local foods thereby reducing packaging wastes and fuel consumption. All non-biodegradable garbage is packed out, toilet tents are provided on every trek, and porters and the staff are supplied with warm clothes and safety gears. Over the years, Ramdung Expeditions mastered itself in the travel trade with an experience of international expertise. It has considerable experience working with foreigners of various nationals. Mr. Kami Singh Lama who is a former partner of this company has now established an independent Company.


Ramdung Expeditions guests consistently rave about the abundant, delicious and fresh food served on the trek. The cooks are formally trained in various western cooking and are noted for their preparation of Nepalese, Tibetan, Indian and other local dishes suited to the visitors’ taste. Health and hygiene are equally high in the on the staff’s agenda: guides are certified in first aid training, all staff are taught personal and kitchen hygiene and mountain guides are proficient in avoiding hazardous conditions and emergency rescue. From the Kathmandu office, all preparation including application and confirmation of permits, liaison with government officials, arrangements for ground and air transportation and provisions of all technical equipment, staff and food – full services from trailhead to Mountain top – are done for you this company also handles all hotel and airlines reservation, guided sightseeing services, mountain flights, helicopter charter services, rescue operations and other special requests. Ramdung Expedition Pvt. Ltds professional are among the best available around. 

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